Throwback Thursday: Tri Delta Volunteer Leadership Conference 2017

Dark brown wooden table, set up with cutlery (only dessert spoon at the top of the image, and one fork to the left of an 8" by 11" paper is visible). The sheet of letter-sized paper is in the place of the plate, with a smaller notecard on top of the letter-sized sheet. The notecard is white, with a yellow border. Inside the yellow border, blue cursive text reads "Reserved for Table Lead". To the right of the notecard are a yellow highlighter and a black pen. In the top right corner, the bottom portion of a filled glass of water is visible.
My Table Lead notes from Breakfast conversation table at Tri Delta Volunteer Leadership Conference 2017, Dallas TX (July 2017)

This #ThrowbackThursday photo may not look like a lot, but it sums up a series of conversations that took place between Tri Delta’s myriad of collegiate and alumnae volunteers. My table’s area of focus was barriers to membership in Tri Delta today, and although this conversation took place over a year ago, I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in this type of conversation in a variety of spaces and see Tri Deltas get to work and make positive and innovate change in our communities.

How do we create change?

I’ll save my answer to that question until after Fall recruitment has passed.

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