Monday Motivation: Where it’s always sunny

While I sit in a quiet campus room at Temple University (in Philadelphia, PA), I’m reflecting on all of the work I’ve been doing over the past few weeks. I came across a quote a few days ago, that read: “There is still life in your story.” (Billy Chapata, a Zimbabwean writer based in Atlanta, GA)


It can be hard to feel motivated when the humanity of so many people’s identities are being called into question. It may seem equally difficult to muster the energy to persist in a world that does not want to make space for you.

The truth is, it might not get easier. More attacks against people because of their race, their sexual orientation, their religious affiliation, their gender expression… pushed into the forefront of national headlines. Now, more than ever, it’s critical that you take back the space for your story. Give life to your pain, your joy, your hurt, your smiles, your tears, your passion, your truth. There is STILL life in there, and you may not think your story matters, but it does.

Your stories are the light you shine on a dark world.

Be the lighthouse someone needs.


One comment on “Monday Motivation: Where it’s always sunny”
  1. I hear you sis…


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