Monday Motivation: The one you didn’t see coming

In the midst of tragedy, we tend to draw these sweeping conclusions that if we had said or done something differently, maybe the universe would let us have our way. Maybe we just didn’t… Perhaps we should have…

It is both emotionally and physically taxing to live our lives trying to be one step ahead of things outside of our control.

But what we can absolutely do is be generous with our time, check in on our friends, share meals, crack jokes, revisit old photos, take new photos, give each other more than a social media surface view of our lives.

Most of us can’t choose the number of hours we dedicate to school, or work, or family commitments. But if you have the time, even a little, make the space and the time available for good memories. We deserve to be with each other through more than tragedies.

If you’ve been following these posts for the past few years, you may notice patterns or discover my topics of choice are carefully planned based on the time of year, or happenings in my life. Today is a bit different. This post is the one you didn’t see coming because, truthfully, neither did I.

I’m mindful of how exhausting and long today has felt for many of the people around me, and can only expect that the feelings won’t drift away as the week goes on. Grief can be difficult, but what’s even more challenging is managing those feelings – rather than letting yourself become managed by them. By allowing yourself time and space to simply exist, in the company of loved ones, or alone. By fighting through the urge to isolate yourself in times of deep sadness, to receive the love and care you might need. By just getting through the day, however you’re able to do it.

Be patient with yourselves.

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