Monday Motivation: Stick to your values

I am an involved person. I wear a lot of hats.

Some folks might say I’m over-involved, as they watch my stack of hats topple over and into a nearby river… though that is to be unpacked at another time.

Those who know me in a particular context expect me to act a certain way; I admit that I interact fairly differently in each of these groups because my involvement, and my relationships with the people in these groups, doesn’t look the same in each space. In the same way, the things I tend to think of or say will also vary a bit, because the intended audience is different. If you interact with me in multiple contexts, you will understand exactly what I’m about to say.

My personal values are the one consistent thread here; I don’t act in a way with one group that I wouldn’t with another. Some people would say “don’t talk to others in a way you wouldn’t be comfortable with someone with authority [e.g. your parents/your employer/God] hearing“, but I don’t really think that impacts my behaviour.

If you expect me to be frank but kind when I raise concerns in my work life, that translates fairly similarly into my church life, and my sorority life, etc.

Why? Because it’s important that the me I present to everyone, is the me I want people to expect. Please understand that this is not bragging about how great I am at being “good”, as I am consistently trying to be better at this… even when it’s challenging and, on occasion, a little bit scary.

Make an effort to be consistently better, not for others, but for yourself. I promise it’s worth it.

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