Monday Motivation: who has a plan?

Let’s talk about plans.

Who, among us, likes to make plans? For anything at all – dates, appointments, general reminders to eat, vacations, self-care, itineraries for your work day… you know, plans.

Some plans require little to no follow-through to be successful. Others, well, they’ll tire you out nicely. Many of them don’t work out as intended.

Why is this important?

Two years ago, I started working on a manuscript for a book compiling (at the time) two years of motivation-fuelled thoughts and stories and life lessons. At the same time I had already been working on another manuscript, for a more emotionally challenging project. You may know about the second project because I mentioned it in passing, or because I told you about all of the intricate details that I had yet to figure out for myself. Let’s assume, for the majority of you, there’s no context to be found.

I was so happy that people were reading these posts, that I figured it’d be easy to get anyone on board to keep reading… and of course, inspire me to write a whole lot more. And, for the most part, I did keep writing… you’re here, aren’t you?

As the earlier part of the post would likely imply, that didn’t quite work as planned. At all.

I’ve been feeling stuck (read: unmotivated) trying to write through something lots of people enjoy and support, because I didn’t quite feel deeply about what I was writing.

Then an opportunity came up to dive into something else I’m working to master: public speaking. I LOVE talking (who doesn’t know that about me?) but I often don’t have the emotional bandwidth to talk about the things I’m passionate about for long periods of time… hence these posts… so I started taking a class just for fun, and I almost forgot I was even in my head about that old manuscript.

Now there’s another opportunity (which you may never hear about again, depends on the outcome) for me to share some of my unpublished writing and I think this might be a sign to return to that emotionally challenging work-in-progress and give it the chance it (and I) truly deserves.

Not every plan works out the way you might think it should… and sometimes that’s for the better.


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