Monday Motivation: Do your Part

It’s the middle of the month of May, and the weather is kinda crummy.

April showers bring May flowers… but May showers bring lots of problems for many people.

Folks have been sandbagging in flood zones, helping area residents fill out insurance paperwork, donating clothing and other supplies, etc. This work is so necessary to help keep people safe.

Another major necessity is taking care of our planet so it doesn’t continue to wash our neighbours’ homes away. Rebuilding might be possible now, but the earth deserves more care than is being received.

Single-use plastics might be a reasonable habit to break for you, but also consider cutting down on buying fast fashion, not cranking your heat or AC with all of the windows open, support local farmers and grocers (the shorter the travel, the less fuel is used), and minimize your support of exploitative agricultural practices and factory farming (food is expensive, and it isn’t entirely possible for everyone to do this… especially in food deserts… but if you have the means, make an effort)

Do your part, because we only have one planet.

What can you change today to take care of our Mother Earth?

Talk to me!

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