Monday Motivation: Short but Sweet

Now would be a good time as any to tell you that you’re doing great!

Did you wake up today?

Got out of bed?

Ate one meal?

[Insert any item you’ve crossed off your list today]?
You go, pal!

We often get caught up in “Nike-ing” lots of things (“just do it”? get it? don’t sic them on me for copyright infringement and/or bad jokes, please), that we forget that the basics are often the hardest things to do when you’re having a challenging start to the day or week. Those little things we often overlook are so important and deserve celebrating on those tough days (and honestly, every day).

This is my reminder to you that, sometimes a little still counts for a lot.

You did a lot today, as you do every day. Be proud of yourself 🙂

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