Monday Motivation: From self-care to community care

Let’s talk about community.

Self-care is cute and all, but have you considered that society doesn’t really make it possible for most of us to take that time to treat ourselves, to step away from responsibilities, to rest?

Community is sharing the joy of your home team being at their best and making franchise history moves with a big win. (Go Raptors!)

Community is also ensuring your politicians continue to fund healthy food and daytime snack programs in schools so students can focus on their classes instead of the last time they had a meal.

Community is ensuring after-school programs are available near kids’ homes.

Community is ensuring libraries are open, and have a wide selection of books and resources, Internet access, and a cozy place to sit.

Community is checking in on your friends, and helping them with little errands or DIY projects, or just spending time to be with them.

Community is about doing for others what you might be able to do for yourself, and not because you expect it in return.

Do it because there are a lot of people, who have a lot of “friends”, who still need someone to lend a hand and are hoping it’s yours.

We’re only guests on this planet, so be kind to all the other guests and especially to our grateful hosts in nature, because community is also ensuring we don’t blast ourselves out of existence before anyone else can enjoy the wonders of our world.

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