Welcome to Pride Month!

A friendly reminder, and point of self-reflection, for “””allies”””. Before you convert your organizations’ logos into Pride flags, or add a “Pride filter” to every photo you upload during the month of June, take a moment to ask yourselves a few questions:

  • Is your organization home to members, partners, friends from 2SLGBTQIA+ communities?
  • Do individuals from these communities feel like they have space to safely express themselves (this includes feeling safe to express concerns/when needs are not being met)?
  • Is your organization making identification accessible?* (E.g. Can people use the pronouns they choose on membership or registration forms? Are organizations supporting those changes where they don’t already exist?) [*identification by choice, not everyone will want to disclose and that’s okay as long as they get to choose to (not) do so]
  • Does your organization donate money, time, or other resources to causes that DIRECTLY support these communities? (In terms of financial contributions, that means going beyond making quick-cash donations to large organizations like United Way or Red Cross* [*UW and RC specifically referenced for size, not based on their actual contributions])
  • Do you support organizations that actively seek to advance the well-being of our communities? (Hint: Chick-Fil-A is still not it, nor are they trying to be🤷🏾‍♀️ …and no, I don’t care how good the chicken tastes – they don’t care about my humanity and that’s more than enough, thanks)
  • Have you considered the politicians you (or your organizations) support? How do they work for the welfare of our communities? (Some of them simply don’t, and instead of justifying it- either give them a call to tell them to do better, or consider voting for someone else. Recognizing that most politicians are flawed at best, you might find yourself living in a place where all of your options are similarly homophobic or transphobic. Do what you can, where you are. Find those leaders and uplift them; give them the resources to be successful where others are not.)

We’re early enough in the month if you want to turn things around and be on our side, rather than simply acting like it 🏳️‍🌈

Talk to me!

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