Monday Motivation: let’s talk about this “celebration”

So you have a day off today, great!

I have to put up with crummy “holiday” bus service (not to be confused with regular crummy bus service) to be at work tonight. Let’s get me motivated to be outside while people flock to party spots in droves :/

This week is steeped in motivation as it involves a four-day work week! The reason why this is cool, is because lots of pals of mine have an extra day to rest, or to dedicate their time to creative projects. Many people have creative to-dos because they enjoy it, but I know quite a few people whose creations help pay the bills.

Because it’s “Canada Day” 🙄: please support Indigenous folks (the ones you know, the local creators/creatives, friends, family, and colleagues) making beautiful works of art, taking photos, doing beadwork, woodwork, patchwork with a variety of materials, making jewellery, writing, painting, and plenty more!

Purchase these artists’ creations or support them directly with financial gifts to allow them to create more. If you’re going to buy something, please don’t negotiate their prices, or use their love and care and work to claim allyship. Just do it to support amazing people.

Also, if you’re thinking of popping fireworks off in your backyard, maybe reconsider for your neighbours who are likely not looking forward to it. Public parks’ light shows are unavoidable for many, but parks don’t move. Help your neighbours sleep peacefully tonight.

Talk to me!

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