Monday Motivation: Bound to be, Boundaries

Flying makes me tired, but that’s no reason to skip a week!

This week, I am pointing directly at myself in the mirror* (*webcam, for context) and telling you that it’s okay to be firm about your boundaries.

Everyone might know that I work a full-time job. If not, well, now you know. I also have (counted by specific duty) 10 volunteer positions between 5 organizations, and potentially, sometimes, on occasion, I have a social life. When you’re wondering where I am, it’s to be expected that I am in one of very few places. I go to the gym three times a week, attempt to spend three additional days running or practising yoga, and I still find the time to run all my errands when none of those other things are happening.

If reading this made you tired, I feel the same way. Which is why I’m telling you that it’s okay to set boundaries and stick to them.

I drew myself a box on a sheet of lined paper. If the task/duty/responsibility can fit in the box, it’ll get handled. If not, well… I’m working on that too. What the plan is when items are outside of the box has yet to be determined, but part of growing as a person is challenging yourself. And here’s where I’m starting.

I’m trying to give myself an opportunity to breathe for the rest of 2019. (Speaking of boundaries, I need to set limits for how much I travel because flying = pressure headaches!)

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