Monday Motivation: Spicy in the Summertime

You can run… you can hide… but you can’t escape an eye wash if you get hot sauce in your eye.

I had the misfortune of experiencing this tremendous pain twice in just under a week, and mostly laughed at myself (only after the stinging went away). Why does that matter to you? It doesn’t, but you may have been looking for a laugh today. You’re welcome.

As we approach the end of July, you might be getting ready to hit the beach, go for a hike, jump in the pool for a swim, or try a new outdoor sport. Whatever you enjoy doing, your body will need some help to protect you. Hot sauce in the eye can be avoided, and so can heat stroke and other heat-related forms of exhaustion.

Sunscreen on your body.

Water in your bottle.

Be ready for the heat.

Don’t get caught off-guard like I did, with the hot sauce. Be ready.

(P.S. don’t get sunscreen in your eyes either, it hurts!)

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