Monday Motivation: Buckle up

This week, I started my regular Maya’s Monday Motivation Facebook post with a special announcement. Typically reserved for the section of my news feed that no one ever returns to read, here’s the story I shared:

After three years of random airline-related travel mishaps, my curse has been lifted! Before you start cheering, let me just tell you that upon arriving at the hotel in Indy I got trapped in the hotel shuttle van because the seat belt buckle was broken. It’s fine. I’m fine. The employee who gave us a ride apologized profusely, but as I am no stranger to adventures, I laughed and said “at least there’s no way for me to fly into the windshield.”

Many people have opted not to travel with me; some will outright declare that I am a source of bad luck while inside an airport. Just know that my sense of humour has only improved with time, and I’ve come to appreciate a good belly laugh during challenging times.  Even at my own expense, the laughs are worth it. But consider yourself the lucky one – if some bizarre phenomenon is happening to me, let’s assume the universe isn’t cruel enough to allow something to happen to you simultaneously. The odds may be in your favour.

Live a little, laugh a lot.

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