Monday Motivation: Back to School Edition

Happy August!

It’s Back to School season, which means there’s a lot of anxiety looming about shopping… for the right clothes, the right ballpoint pens, the right calculators, the right shoes, e t c.

Here’s your friendly reminder to my student friends (and friends who are parents of students) to be mindful of all of the non-material things that might come up as we bounce into a new season of learning.

1. You might be stressed about passing your classes (that’s totally normal); don’t be afraid to talk to your teachers/professors and make yourself a study group with friends or classmates.

2. You might be feeling isolated; try to do non-class related things and involve your friends and/or family. Everybody will appreciate this as there’s never a bad time for a self-care break (Bonus points for community care breaks! …no one is keeping score though, just treat yourselves with care.)

3. You might be feeling overwhelmed; don’t be afraid to ask for help from a guidance counselor or another support worker to build yourself up skills and tools to help you manage those feelings. Boundaries > burnout.

4. You might be bored or feeling under-challenged; do a kind deed for a friend or classmate that might be struggling, teach them a study skill or offer to take breaks with them. If you’ve got the capacity, pay it forward. It also helps cement some of that solid knowledge in your brain by being able to share it or repeat it.

If you’re not going back to school, or know someone who is, it’s always a good time to learn a new thing. You can never really learn too much.

If you’re going back to school, tell me about something you’re looking forward to in the comments!

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