Monday Motivation: Have a little faith

If you’re awake because you haven’t yet gone to sleep, or you’re just waking up, you are in luck – welcome back!

Have you ever heard or seen something and thought, now that is so relevant (or accurate) it’s almost scary? I experienced that yesterday.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

If you have any affiliation or connection to Christianity, you may recognize that phrase as a Bible verse. I don’t think that is why I find it particularly relevant, though it came to me at a pretty special time. I had a really lovely conversation with an older member of my church community, and she shared many stories with me about her friends and colleagues. Many of them have since passed away, and those who are alive can’t leave their homes or travel great distances to stay connected with each other. But they write letters to each other, send cards on holidays, and call each other just to say hello.

Imagine the faith you need to have to care for a friend hundreds of miles away, while living in your own social or physical isolation. I’ve never met any of the people she has told me about, but I felt immense gratitude for knowing someone who has. I also consider it a great privilege to be able to receive these wonderful stories over afternoon tea.

This made me think of all the people I know (looking at you, pals!) who might be in need of a sign of good things to come. Having faith might feel ridiculous, but sometimes, when you’ve got nothing else to lose, a little bit of hope goes a long way. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not working. If it works, I take no credit 🙂

Move in the direction you want to see yourself in!

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