Monday Motivation: Take a break!

Since it’s nearing the end of summer (and some of you are already back at school), let’s talk about how important it is to take breaks. Since I’m a week shy of a real vacation, here are some reminders:

  1. You should never feel guilt or shame about taking a day (or more) off, if and when you need it. The idea that you should be at work unless you’re so sick you could be in hospital is absolute garbage. And if you have ever been that person, sitting at your desk up to your eyeballs in used tissues, please consider that your health is more important than your work.
  2. You should never feel obligated to check your work phone or emails when you’re not at work. If you work consistent hours from home or a co-working space, maintaining your boundaries around work hours are critical! Freelancers, you may not have a set schedule every day, but this can also apply to time you designate for your non-work responsibilities. I shouldn’t have to explain this, but I love you enough to tell you that your non-work time is YOURS. No amount of overtime is worth the rest your mind and body could enjoy.
  3. Take a vacation. You need it. No, I don’t mean go travel the world because that isn’t accessible to everyone. My “vacations” used to consist of visiting my parents and museum hopping while I was at home. It didn’t cost thousands of dollars, but it was fun and it was restful. There are plenty of low-cost and free things happening where you are, so go out and explore! Don’t wait until retirement to live your best life; in this economy, you deserve to enjoy your life now!

Work might be necessary to pay off debt and pay the bills, but there’s life outside of that just waiting to be lived.

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