On the Run: Chapter 3

(Special On The Run x Monday Motivation post, this calls for celebration!)

If you’re reading this, it isn’t too late to follow through on your resolutions for the new year, your return to school, or any other life transition you might be going through. Seriously, you have plenty of time and I BELIEVE IN YOU!

I had made a resolution to run 10km this year, and then winter put those plans on ice (literally, in case you missed it, I fell on my face and got stitches). Then I told myself once my stitches were out and my knee was starting to heal, I’d like to get back to my average 5km race time (about 34 minutes). I ran the MEC Road Race in April about a week after getting my stitches removed. My entire body ached, and I was so happy just to have finished the run with my body intact.

I still put in a significant effort, running once or twice every week, forcing myself to hit the gym three times a week, visiting my chiropractor and physiotherapist regularly, and stretching like my life depended on it.

Ottawa Race Weekend came around, and I told myself to just get as close as I could to my average time. I came pretty close at 34:23 and was happy with my time, but also… tired. I was cool with this time. But I worked a stretch harder (I apologize if you didn’t chuckle at that). More running, more manual therapy, more sessions at the gym.

This weekend at the National Capital Pride Run, I was feeling a little bit better, aiming for 32-33 minutes and a functional knee. I never thought I’d get to say this, and I’m probably hallucinatng each refresh of the page to check my chip time: I clocked in at 28:55. It still feels like a dream, and my body definitely still hurts. But it feels so rewarding.

If you’re wondering how I did it, I have to admit that it was a lot of hard work. I am also grateful to be constantly supported by a solid team: my Ottawa Frontrunners running pals, my functional movers and daily motivators at EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle,
and my long-time fixers and supporters at Curavita Health Group Byward.

THIS is my life when I’m not at work or volunteering (which is collectively at least 80 hours of my week). It’s truly never too late to get started.

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