The weight we carry: my visit to Park Street Church

I had the pleasure of visiting Park Street Church yesterday. I was excited about getting a photo on the steps of the church where Tri Delta’s founders began a legacy that I am honoured to live out today as a member. As you can see, this photo was taken along the side rail of the church, by the entrance sign.

There is a group of older men, sitting on blankets and large articles of clothing along the length of the steps. I didn’t approach at all because the men were smoking (allergies!), but my “dream” photo opportunity was not lost. Others might have turned their heads away in disgust, thinking that these church steps are not a place for low-income, transient, or precariously housed peoples. I smiled at the men sitting behind me, took a few photos, and left. The Church is supposed to have space for everyone, and these men likely chose the spot because it was semi-shaded, there was a breeze, and there was ample place for the group to sit.

If you’re ever passing through Boston and stop by Park Street Church, or if you are visiting somewhere hoping for your ideal tourist photo: remember to be kind to the locals, and extend that kindness to your neighbours as well.

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