Meet Maya

Dark-sinned brown woman, smiling, wearing a blue and black sleeveless dress. Woman's left hand is on her hip. Photo by Troy Curtis Photography at: www . the life of troy . com
Photo by Troy Curtis Photography.

Maya McDonald (she/her)

Maya is a graduate from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Her goal is to make learning accessible in communities with limited or no access to ‘professional’ services.

She believes in empowering learners to become experts in their lived experiences, rather than solely in learned material. Many of Maya’s skills in consulting and facilitating are self-taught, with a focus on adult education and training through capacity- and skill-building. She hopes to pursue graduate studies in this area, and to provide more specialized services as a community educator.
Maya has over seven (7) years of experience in training and consulting. She can assist learners in skill development, using a customized train-the-trainer model. Maya can also help learners reach their fullest potential as leaders.

Let’s level up our skills together! What would you like to learn next?