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  • Monday Motivation: Labour Day

    Today is Labo(u)r Day.

    While it is commonly regarded as the last barbecue weather-appropriate long weekend, there is a lot more to celebrate than patio weather, sangria and extra cheese on burgers.

    On this day, let’s remember that generations of working-class people who fought for (and won!) parental leave, minimum wage, 8-hour work days, workplace health and safety laws, rest days, workers’ rights to organize via unions, and so much more.

    Let’s also be aware that we live in a society that “requires” convenience to such an extent that, despite the fact that today is a statutory holiday, many people working in the food service and retail industries are working today — so that you can satisfy your cravings for coffee, all-day breakfast, or ice cream at any time.

    It’s safe to assume that not everyone is an employer or manager, but most people have been employees (though some people do have the privilege of starting their working life in management positions).

    It doesn’t matter how you feel about the labour movement, unions, or minimum wage — if you are an employee, the labour movement is fighting for your well-being in the workplace.

    When you make a toast to good weather and good health, make a toast to good working conditions thanks to your working-class colleagues around the world, throughout history and today.